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Our Jewish Learning Place

The Place to Learn, to Gather, to Grow
A Joint Educational Project of MJC/NHC

Introducing Makom - Our new Religious School!

• Makom means "Place" in Hebrew and for our children, it is the place for them to learn, to gather, and to grow.

• Makom is the "Place" where our kids will acquire the knowledge and skills to be adult Jews and engage with our tradition in a meaningful way.

  • Makom is the "Place" for our children.

Montebello Jewish Center and Nanuet Hebrew Center have created a new Jewish educational opportunity for our youth. Makom will meet half of the year at Nanuet Hebrew Center and half at Montebello Jewish Center, but wherever we meet, Makom will be the place for our children to learn and experience Judaism. We are also excited to welcome Rebecca Bernstein as our new principal for Makom.

Together with Rebecca, and our excellent teachers, we know Makom will definitely be the "Place" to be!

Looking forward to seeing you at Makom  -  our "Place"!


Registration forms for Makom, Our Jewish Learning Place, have been mailed out.  Please watch your mail and return them as soon as possible.  



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